Fitness Reborn with Sean

From Stressville to Calmtown with Dr. Annie White

October 25, 2022 Sean Episode 23
Fitness Reborn with Sean
From Stressville to Calmtown with Dr. Annie White
Fitness Reborn with Sean
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Show Notes

This week's guest on Fitness Reborn is Dr. Annie White, author of the book "The Calm Code".

In this episode, Dr. Annie and I discuss how to go from "Stressville" to "Calmtown". That is, how to better recognize and manage the stress of our modern lives. 

In her book "The Calm Code",  Dr. Annie presents a groundbreaking step-by-step method to help us rewire our brains for better stress management. She holds a Doctorate in Eastern Medicine and has applied her methods not only in a clinical setting with clients, but also on herself.  By doing so, she was able to successfully battle against feelings of irritability and anxiousness, as well as save her marriage. 

What you will hear about in this episode:

  • Dr. Annie's book "The Calm Code"
  • How Eastern medicine addresses stress
  • Where Western medicine goes wrong in addressing stress
  • The physiological effects of chronic stress
  • The origins of stress from a evolutionary position

I loved this episode, and you will too.

Listen. Learn. Enjoy.

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